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electronics, telecommunications, system technology, ...
optoelectronics, photonics, optics, display technology ...
industrial applications, sensors, measurement instrumentation, lighting systems ...



  • Product development and conception / technical advisory
  • Project management in interdisciplinary development projects
  • Development of technical system concepts
  • Technical research and feasibility studies


  • Innovation management
  • Innovation! (legally transferable inventions on request)
  • Methods of strategic product planning
  • Corporate consulting regarding product technology and product strategy
  • Strategic management, marketing strategy, marketing communication
  • Market- and trend analysis
  • Technical due-diligence (e.g. for venture capital investors)
  • Company building during start-up and reorganisation
  • Interim management


  • TRIZ
  • ARIZ
  • QFD
  • Scenarios
  • Delphi
  • VBA
  • Portfolios
  • Moderations
Note: most methods are applicable sector-independently!
E.g. in the fields of media, internet, biotech, chemistry, banks, insurances, automotive, aviation...


  • Investors:
    All kinds of investors who need technical expertise in combination with entrepreneurship (business angles, venture capital firms, accelerators and incubators, buyers of companies, founders).

  • Startup Companies:
    Financially sound or struggling startups in need for turnaround management, interim management or technical solutions.

  • Management Consulting:
    All kinds of corporations (SMEs or bigger corporations) which like to become future proof and stabilized with strategies of innovation or change management.


Two extensive book chapters on the topic:

Innovation management for Successful Development and Marketing of optical and electrical Connectors [German]

In the book "Steckverbinder II", G. Knoblauch, Expert Verlag.

PDF - For more information and table of contents (250 KB)

Ordering the book

For example via Expert Verlag or Amazon.

Presentations at conferences and other publications:

Hybrid Connectors with POF
Trends, Areas of application, Innovation Options [German]

17. Expert group meeting of the ITG-FG 5.4.1 in VDE / IMM in Mainz, 05.11.2003.

PDF - Hybrid Connectors with POF (1.2 MB)

Szenario technique
Future scenarios: Determining, evaluating and planning of ICT building networks, applications and product decisions using scenario technique. [German]

19. Expert group meeting of the ITG-FG 5.4.1 in VDE / R&M AG in Zurich, 08.03.2005.

PDF - Szenario technique (currently not available)

Critical Success Factor (CSF) Analysis for the Establishment of Home Networks using Plastic Optical Fiber

21. Expert group meeting of the ITG-FG 5.4.1 in VDE / bfe in Oldenburg, 12.05.2006.

PDF - Critical Success Factor (CSF) Analysis (481 KB)

Quo Vadis?
Possible directions of development of hybrid connectors [German]

Technical article in Elektronik Journal – Issue: 02 / 2007

PDF - Quo Vadis? Possible directions of development of hybrid connectors [German] (300 KB)

Original text: Due to a lack of space not everything could be reprinted in "Elektronik JOURNAL", so the unchanged original text is made available in the following.

Metaphysics of Hybrid Connection Technology
Innovation Management: The future of hybrid Connectors, Trends and Market Laws [German]

Original text of the article:

PDF - Metaphysics of Hybrid Connection Technology (56 KB)

Opening of Innovation Processes for Technology Companies [German]
Tandem lecture

22. Dortmund MST-Seminar of the MST.factory / TZDO in Dortmund, 15.12.2010.

PDF - Invitation 22. MST.factory / TZDO, Dortmund, Seminar (900 KB)

Original presentation – with additional collection of links in the annex:

PDF - 22. Dortmund MST-Seminar "Open Innovation" (1.0 MB)


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Knoll – Engineering & Consulting

Ralf Knoll, Dipl.-Phys. Ing., M.Sc., Psych. Counsellor


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Ralf Knoll

Ralf Knoll
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