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KNOLL Capital Group Ltd. is a non-public, purely private holding for friends, family and acquaintances of the founder/owner.
The holding company is the owner of two start-up subsidiaries, and thus represents an overall start-up company structure comprising the holding company itself and:
1) INOPTEC Limited, UK and Germany Company No.: 077 34 246
2) KNOLL Media Limited, UK Company No.: 077 34 225
The goal is to foster this start-up company structure and its unique and disruptive technology.

Who is invested?

  • CEOs from outstanding companies which are relevant to this start-up business,
    such as suppliers, manufacturers, B2B clients, big brands etc.
  • Advisors – members of our official advisory board – other advisors.
  • Lawyers and tax consultants.
  • Portfolio managers, bankers, stock traders – and their peers.
  • INOPTEC co-founders and other team members – from management and R&D.
  • Family and friends.
  • Networkers and influencers, such as publicly known top speakers.

Which investors were refused / Who is not invested?

  • Politicians who wanted to stay neutral.
  • Gamblers who focused merely on ROI without further networks or knowledge.
  • Opinionless free riders with herd instincts – just relying on others. 
  • Technical experts of our advisory board, who wanted to be a neutral witness for other investors regarding technical feasibility etc.

Why did people invest? – apart from mere ROI expectations.

  • Creating true win-win synergies to forge common interests among partners, team members.
  • Networking with other investors, finding new clients or opportunities etc. on our events.
  • Taking part in a unique network of good and bright-minded influencers with similar interests, ethical values etc. –  striving to bring a disruptive world’s first technology to life.
  • Suppliers, manufacturers, B2B clients, big brands, etc. who like to be part of this debut project, right at the forefront of modern technology.
  • Co-branding and similar publicity synergies in media networks.

Note / Disclaimer: This webpage is not a share offer – not a private share offer nor a public share offer – but only a “home-page” for already existing investors, who want to find some further information or want to download our official annual investor-relations report.

Appropriate and Competent Authorities:
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For the time being, personal meetings and networking events are currently restricted to the following countries:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland.


Knoll Capital Group

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KNOLL Capital Group Ltd.
69 Great Hampton Street
Birmingham, B18 6EW, United Kingdom
Registered in England and Wales:
Company No.: 07732938

Informal abbreviation KCG

Seat of administration and management in Germany:
Mr Ralf Knoll
c/o KNOLL Capital Group Ltd.
Jahnstr. 18
85406 Zolling




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